Monday, December 7, 2015

Little Paintings in time for the Holidays

It has been quite a pleasure to paint for this year's Big 500 show. These aren't the best photos of all of my little 8x8" pieces but you get the gist, and if you like one: get there early to snag it for only $40 in this benefit for Oregon Food Bank:

Mum Love, Quin Sweetman
Autumn by the Lake, Quin Sweetman

Becoming Real, Quin Sweetman

Portrait of C. Vu, Quin Sweetman
Dancing with Mum, Quin Sweetman

Redhead, Quin Sweetman

Men Can Be Pretty Too, Quin Sweetman
Back of Quin Sweetman Panels

Mums the Wood, Oil on Wood, Quin Sweetman

Panels in Quin Sweetman's studio

She Wore Her Vietnamese Dress, Quin Sweetman

Snuggling with Mum, Quin Sweetman
        All work created from life -- not photos -- in the Impressionist/Alla Prima tradition. I enjoyed setting up still-lifes of flowers, painting live models (and one landscape) and then pushing past what was in front of me to emphasize the colors, designs and patterns which appealed to me. I feel like these are my best works yet because I had so much fun creating them. This show of affordable art by over 500 artists benefits the Oregon Food Bank, so bring a can of food. (Also, next-door, the new OneDer Gallery features art of all sizes for $100-and-under.) Get there early:

Peoples Art of Portland and OneDer Galleries
Pioneer Place, 700 SW 5th, 3rd floor
Portland, Oregon
December 12, 2-9 p.m.