Monday, August 4, 2014

Twelve Days, 21 Paintings!

My time at the coast was productive. The annual Sandgren Coastal Paintout happens for two weeks every July in the Newport, Oregon region and includes many beautiful state parks and scenic areas.

My 21 works, range in size from 36" wide to only 3". Some were quick "sketches": others more finished. I look forward to finishing and showing this body of paintings.

Seal Rock, 18x24"
Ona Beach, 16x20, oil sketch of family with kites
The beautiful, ever-changing scene I was painting at Ona. So fun to watch a family at play!

Rocky Creek, 11x14, Erik Sandgren paints in foreground, Carol Marine in distance with umbrella

My morning mist painting at Seal Rocks. (It was socked-in by fog)

Our afternoon critique with maestro Erik Sandgren

Photo of Seal Rock, one of my favorite places for scale and variety

My very large canvas at Rocky Creek Scenic Wayside

The Illustrious Erik Sandgren painting at Rocky Creek Scenic Wayside
Trees at Yaquina Bay (each 11x14)
Yachts Evening Light 2" x 2"
Yachats 20x16 (mostly done-except upper left)
Another view of all back on my studio floor