Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Last Autumn to Now in Paint

Just a few images of the many paintings I've enjoyed making between last Fall and now. I'd love to hear what you think!

Autumn Rhythms, Oil, 8x6, Quin Sweetman (sold)
(from Painting to Save the Trees event)

Simpson Beach at Cape Arago (Shore Acres), Oil, 24" x 48", Quin Sweetman

Quin Sweetman with her painting of Simpson Beach
(For the Seventh Generation project at Elisabeth Jones Art Center)

My Friend Gus, Oil, 24" x 18", Quin Sweetman (sold)

Mungers in Their Garden, Oil, 18" x 24", Quin Sweetman (sold/commission)

Qualicum Beach (Vancouver Island, BC, Canada), Oil, 11x14, Quin Sweetman

Queen of Autumn, Oil, 14x11, Quin Sweetman (sold)

Zig Zag Falls, Oil, 11x14, Quin Sweetman

Sunny Rocks (Umpqua River), Oil, 14x11, Quin Sweetman

I have a little show at Wood Fired Eats in St. Johns, North Portland

Garden Party, Oil, 18x24, Quin Sweetman

Picnic in the Park (St. Johns/Cathedral Park), Oil, 16x20, Quin Sweetman

Autumn's Swan Song, Oil, 11x14, Quin Sweetman

Deadline Falls Umpqua River, Oil, 11x14, Quin Sweetman
(This one is at the Umqua Valley Arts Association Show)