Tuesday, April 12, 2022

We were on Art Gab PDX

Fun chatting with artist, Kendra Larson and designer, Ashley Larson, who co-host a podcast called "Art Gab". Check-out my interview and others at http://stumptowncreative.com/episode-32-quin-sweetman (or click link in title)
Of course, my favorite recent episode they did was on my hero, painter Emily Carr, but I am honored to have also been on the show. Kendra and Ashley are sisters and I so appreciate their relationship and banter about art and general life in the Northwest environment.

Saturday, March 12, 2022

For the Seventh Generation Project Interview

Cape Arago (Shore Acres), Oil, 24" x 48", Quin Sweetman

Thanks to Randy Pijoan for taking the time to interview me and the John Daniel Teply Gallery for featuring my work in the For the Seventh Generation Project.

You can see my interview here or copy/paste: https://youtu.be/IjuNVgtFfu0

This 2x4-foot painting is one of the larger paintings I've ever done and I am thrilled to be showing it as part of this important project.

This July we will be exhibiting For the Seventh Generation paintings at the Lincoln City Cultural Center.  My painting is currently for sale to benefit this important work and coastal conservation.

A primer on the For the Seventh Generation project:

        For The Seventh Generation is about connecting with place over time. We are forming a one-hundred year arts organization whose reason for being is the ocean. We want to make art that functions at the center of human life, not at its edges. Our showcase event is the For The Seventh Generation Project, The one-mile Pano-Mural for the Washington, Oregon, and California coasts. Our guiding sentiment is “Above all else, a healthy ocean.” The lengthy time aspect referred to by the title is from a notion that we need to think within a longer time frame to address our problems. We need to make choices not just for ourselves and our generation, or for our children or even our grandchildren, but to acknowledge that this is the only planet that any of us will ever have, for all species, for all life, and that we share this planet with the future. Our decisions should reflect that.

        Imagine 1320 paintings by 1320 artists to go with the 1320 miles of the Washington, Oregon and California coasts. These paintings, each four feet in length, when put together end to end, and in geographic order, offer the viewer an opportunity to walk the Western coast. As each artist revisits their location (which we encourage them to do once a year) a new painting is generated. Each year the pano-mural recreates itself. This is a resonant relationship with the coastline, which also recreates itself each year. The For The Seventh Generation pano-mural is different each year from the one before, as new work is painted, new artists join in, and the artwork that is sold is no longer exhibited. It is designed to be passed on to other artists and other generations. In fact, because of the timespan involved, those that begin the project today cannot know the fruit of their efforts, for they themselves will, of course, have passed on. We are a generation beginning something the results of which will never be known.

        By the very act of going to their locations and painting, the artists become sentinels of their locations. They are watching and observing what happens. Over time, they become chroniclers of the coast. As a group, they become a community of coastal watchers.

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Badger & Coyote’s curious partnership illustrated

My first book illustration!

A friend of mine asked me to do sketches to illustrate her prose about the curious partnership between badgers and coyotes. This was quite a challenge but I worked to keep the sketches simple as this phenomenon, noted originally in American Indian folklore, is rarely seen by humans so images are scarce. Much had to be imagined to place them together and on the Columbia Plateau in our region of the Pacific Northwest. 

A few pages of Badger & Coyote: A Curious Friendship

Original sketch by Quin Sweetman for Badger & Coyote

Badger & Coyote: A Curious Friendship
Written by Angela D. Goldsmith
Illustrated by Quineccoe J. Sweetman

To see one of my favorite short videos of Badger & Coyote together, see https://youtu.be/eo16wFhWy2E

I hope you enjoy our mutual effort. If you would like to get a copy and support our work, please visit Two Rivers Bookstore in St. Johns, Portland https://www.tworiversbooks.com/  , my Facebook shop https://www.facebook.com/commerce/products/4829122733801209/ or send me a direct message to order. 

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Virtual Open Studio Tour with Quin Sweetman Art

Please view my latest work and my Portland Open Studios Live tour, which includes two demonstrations of my art-making process and show of new paintings at https://portlandopenstudios.com/artists/2020-artists/sweetman-quin.html

More on my Instagram link in the tab above.

I'd love to hear what you think!


Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Last Autumn to Now in Paint

Just a few images of the many paintings I've enjoyed making between last Fall and now. I'd love to hear what you think!

Autumn Rhythms, Oil, 8x6, Quin Sweetman (sold)
(from Painting to Save the Trees event)

Simpson Beach at Cape Arago (Shore Acres), Oil, 24" x 48", Quin Sweetman

Quin Sweetman with her painting of Simpson Beach
(For the Seventh Generation project at Elisabeth Jones Art Center)

My Friend Gus, Oil, 24" x 18", Quin Sweetman (sold)

Mungers in Their Garden, Oil, 18" x 24", Quin Sweetman (sold/commission)

Qualicum Beach (Vancouver Island, BC, Canada), Oil, 11x14, Quin Sweetman

Queen of Autumn, Oil, 14x11, Quin Sweetman (sold)

Zig Zag Falls, Oil, 11x14, Quin Sweetman

Sunny Rocks (Umpqua River), Oil, 14x11, Quin Sweetman

I have a little show at Wood Fired Eats in St. Johns, North Portland

Garden Party, Oil, 18x24, Quin Sweetman

Picnic in the Park (St. Johns/Cathedral Park), Oil, 16x20, Quin Sweetman

Autumn's Swan Song, Oil, 11x14, Quin Sweetman

Deadline Falls Umpqua River, Oil, 11x14, Quin Sweetman
(This one is at the Umqua Valley Arts Association Show)

Monday, October 8, 2018

A Labor of Love

It's been nearly a year since I last posted but here is one of the highlights from the labor of love which has consumed most of my time, The Beautiful Lives Lost Portrait Project:

We did it! Artists from the Pacific Northwest came together and made 58 portraits to honor and remember the 58 people lost to gun violence at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas last October 1st. Families were in Vegas for healing events, including our show and our tributes to their loved-ones were given to them to take home. Huge thank you to all the artists who donated their time and talents to make this special show happen and another shout-out to the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa for sponsoring and hosting our show. We feel good about this effort coming full-circle with the portraits going home with the victims families. Thank you to all of you who also gave money and time to help get these portraits to them.

All portraits may be viewed on our website

Beautiful Lives Lost Portrait Project Slideshow from Mary Anne Funk on Vimeo.