Wednesday, April 9, 2014


"Waiting for Her Moment" 14"x14", Oil on Canvas, Quin Sweetman

Lovely weather is upon us and I am happy to report, I am working on a couple of commissions for new customers. Have you considered having something special painted for yourself or a loved one?

A recent portrait now showing at Broderick Gallery in Longview, Washington
Broderick offers lovely custom framing

Monday, March 17, 2014

Works in Progress

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I've been remiss in posting on this blog lately but I assure you, I have been making art ... or attempting to do so. In winter, I tend to focus on painting still-lifes and figures from life model sessions. I hope to capture my subject's unique essence in a short period of time and the models often move but I try to stick to what struck me in the original pose. For those interested, here are a few works in progress which are nearly complete.

In my studio ...sunflowers 24x18", dahlias 14"x11"

Men can be beautiful too! Loved the graceful way our model posed
 (finishing right side of canvas/patches on figure)

                                                      "Elizabeth in Repose" charcoal drawing, 17x14"

...Oh yeah, I was in the newspaper yesterday. Here's a link to fun portrait I did quite a while ago:
Duluth News Tribune Life Section.  I love to paint portraits of people and animals ... and it pays for more paint supplies/painting trips, so let me know if you'd like me to paint one for you.

Top of the afternoon to ya!


Sunday, January 12, 2014

The People of Peoples Art

There is a very cool show coming up; one that honors the people who make Peoples Art of Portland Gallery happen. I am honored to be considered one of them.

Bridge City Night, Oil on Canvas, 6" x 8" (11"x 13" w/frame), Quin J. Sweetman
Bridge City Night is one of the many paintings I created from life, not a photo. It's a bit "messy" because it was painted quickly, at night with very little light on my palette. I chose to let it remain this way as a bit of a journal entry. Take it or leave it; it has life and represents a fun evening painting from the St. Johns bridge in my neighborhood. Ordinarily, one would not be able to paint on this bridge as it sways quite a bit with the heavy trucks and traffic, but on this night, the bridge was closed for maintainance and we took full advantage of it. Four other painters joined me and in addition to painting, there was wine, snacks and even cartwheeling! Perhaps this painting should be called Good Times.

See this painting and others at:  Peoples Art of Portland Gallery
                                                  January 18 - February 9
                                                  Downtown in Pioneer Place Mall (3rd Floor)
                                                  Reception, Sat. Jan. 18, 5-9 p.m.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Solstice Paintings Sale on Etsy

Dear friends and supporters of my art, Happy Solstice!

Tiny Dancer, 3" x 3", oil on canvas, Quin Sweetman

Here's one I just painted just for fun recently. There are many more on my Etsy shop: Get 15 percent off thru December 31 by using the coupon code: ARTSY.

Friday, December 6, 2013

I've been busy painting!

 "After Edgar Payne's Eucalyptus Grove," Oil on Panel, 8x8", Quin Sweetman
"After Robert Henri's Catharine, 1913", Oil on Panel, 8x8", Quin Sweetman,  2013
 Stream, Crown-Zellerbach Trail, Oil on Panel, 8x8", Quin Sweetman

"After Monet's Bodmer Oak, Fontainebleu, 1865" Oil on Panel, 8"x8", Quin Sweetman, 2013

Polka-Dotty, Oil on Panel, 8x8", Quin Sweetman

Female Figure, Oil on Panel, 8"x8", Quin Sweetman

"After Renoir's Woman with Cat, 1875", Oil on Panel, 8x8", Quin Sweetman, 2013

Mt. Hood from the Wildlife Refuge, Oil on Panel, 8x8", Quin Sweetman

"Tualatin River Wildlife Refuge", Oil on Panel, 8x8"

"After Nicolai Fechin, Father", Oil on Panel, 8x8", Quin Sweetman

Male Figure, 18" x 14", Oil on Panel, Quin Sweetman (In Broderick Gallery)
Sunny Side Up, 11" x 14", Oil on Canvas/Panel, Quin Sweetman (in US Bank Show)

Okay, those were a lot of work; to make and to post! Let me know if you'd like to know more about any particular piece.  Please see them in person, if you can:

1) Broderick Gallery, "Holiday Shindig", Sunday December 8, 1416 Commerce Av, Longview, WA, 2-7 p.m. Join us for the party and sale.  Show remains up through late December.

2) US Bank, thru December 28, NE 16th and Weidler, Portland: Open M-F, 9-6 p.m., Sat, 9-2 p.m.

3) Peoples Art of Portland and Mark Woolley Gallery  "Big 400" Show, $40 8x8"Art, Cash/Carry, December 14, 2 pm, Pioneer Mall, Downtown, Portland.

All my Best,


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Paintings with your Pint? Art Hanging Out in Bars this Month

Seems my art has found a way to reach the people this month. I am hanging in three local Portland bars/pubs. I think Bob Dylan would approve; Though none of them are in restrooms.

Gorge White House II, Oil on Canvas, Quin Sweetman

Leisure Public House (prior to happy hour)

Moody Marina, Oil on Canvas, Quin Sweetman

Goodfoot Lounge & Pub

Great Blue Heron, Oil on Panel, Quin Sweetman
Paintings with your pint?:

1) Leisure Lounge Public House:  I have 12 paintings in this friendly establishment in my North Portland neighborhood of St. Johns,  Reception: Thursday, Oct. 17, 5-7 p.m.

2) Biddy McGraw's Irish Pub:  Only one painting here as part of a group show; but a fun place to hear live music in SE Portland:

3) Goodfoot Lounge:  I have eight paintings in the "88 Strong" show with 88 other artists; over 500 pieces of 8x8" art like the heron above, all only $50, in SE Portland:

Thursday, August 8, 2013

¡Carnaval!/Carnival Show at Woolley and Peoples Art Galleries

While I was away painting the Oregon Coast, my paintings were featured in two fantastical shows. We missed the opening events but you can still see this fun show thru Sunday:

¡Carnaval de Cuba!, Oil on Canvas, 24x30", Quin Sweetman

Harlequin's Carnival, Oil on Canvas, 20x16", Quin Sweetman

¡Carnaval!/Carnival Show at Woolley and Peoples Art Galleries
Carnival: A multi-media exhibit celebrating everything that surrounds the classic and modern romantic traveling carnival: circuses, clowns, bearded women, amusement rides, freak show and side show acts, jugglers, etc - really anything to do with the idea of CARNIVAL.

This is a joint partnership gallery show between Peoples Art of Portland Gallery and Mark Woolley Gallery at Pioneer (next door to each other), celebrating 2 similar themes: Carnival (sideshow/circus) at Peoples and Carnaval! (the festival of dance/masks) at Mark Woolley at Pioneer Gallery.

3rd Floor, Pioneer Place
700 SW 5th Ave., Suite 4110, Portland, Oregon 97204